Forum Thread: Fuji vs Kodak Print Stock

so wondering if anyone can answer what are the differences in quality between fuji and kodak print stock?  

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I would assume that the print stocks have similar characteristics to the negative stocks.  Kodak: more saturated (esp. in reds/yellows), flatter curve, tighter grain structure.  Fuji: more realistic skin tones, strong greens/blues, deeper blacks, grainier.

To the best of my knowledge the Kodak print stocks are more expensive and usually considered to be of a higher quality.  For example during Oscar screening time, the screenings held for Academy members are all on the highest quality Kodak print stocks.   In general Fuji print stock is considered cheaper and more utilitarian, so if you are watching a movie in a mall cinema in the midwest, you are probably looking at a Fuji stock print.  

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