Forum Thread: House Season Finale Shot Entirely w/ Canon 5D Mark II

Just read that the House Season Finale (airing May 17, 2010) was shot exclusivly on the Canon 5D Mark II. Apparently they're raving about it. Do you think it can possibly live up to the hype?

House Season Finale Shot Entirely w/ Canon 5D Mark II

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So this topic has been getting a lot of buzz on  Read Phillip Bloom's response:

This thread is a shame. It sums up everything that is wrong about camera fanaticism. It's a tool, nothing more and we are in the very fortunate position of having a huge choice these days at a very affordable price.

I had a long chat with DP Gale Tattersall (and incredibly nice guy by the way) at NAB and the already linked recorded interview with Directer Greg Yaitanes about why they went Canon 5DmkII despite the limitations it has. It was an honest interview and I raised the questions to both Gale and Greg and it was simply the right tool for them for this episode. The sets were like 3 and a half feet tall and there was no way you could get a film camera in there or even a RED without taking walls out. They went for an intimacy with this episode that only the small form factor of the Canons could give them and Greg says they pulled it off making it was more emotionally captivating due to this. I applaud them for that.

I personally think they are nuts shooting at F1.2 as my focus puller would kill me if I suggested that, but they did it and they pulled it off. We should be applauding their massive balls in doing this and not slamming them or at worse making off hand remarks about motivations.

Every camera is simply a tool, not a religion! I will get my Scarlet when it comes out and most likely an EPIC if I can justify it. If this becomes the case will I still use my Canons for jobs? Yep, depends on the job. They have become an essential part of my tool box and will continue to be for some time to come. I will always go with the right tool for the right job, this should be the same for every single one of us here. Gale and Greg have made the 5DmkII work for this episode of House. Let's applaud their bravery and massive balls. They are doing pioneering work, like the first person to use a RED for a feature. Without pioneers the industry will go nowhere.

On a side note: Let us not forget that these cameras are giving people with very little money the chance to make great looking movies that would have used to have cost a fortune to look that good. Let us not be snobs. This technology is inspiring people to go out there who would not have done so otherwise. This will mean that undiscovered talent will be discovered and that is a good thing.

Link to interview with House Director Greg Yaitanes


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