Forum Thread: Laila O Laila - the Coming of Age Action Spy Thriller Movie

Ever wondered which was the last Indian Action Spy Film you watched that was engaging and mind blowing. We wonder about this question too. Well not in terms of story but the visual aspects of the action spy film is lacking in our industry. But don't worry because achche din are back with this mind boggling film Laila O Laila movie.

Yes, the man in the frame is none other than Mohan Lal who is known for making the compelling film always. What we mean by compelling films is that film which is back up by unique yet creative ideas. Earlier, we discussed how they went viral over internet with the powerful Motion Poster . Every one in this nation wants to know that how they came up with this ineteresting idea to motion picture. To this question Mr. Kalapi Nagada , the man who created credibility for South Indian Films on digital platform by Channel Cinekorn Movies has an beautiful answer. He said in an telephonic interview with us " When i first came to know about the digital exhibition rights is in our hands, I though we should do something to make this thing even on a bigger level but we were not sure like how to do it. That time our VFX and Motion Picture Head Pritesh Pawar came to rescue us. Pritesh always came up interesting ideas and his skill is to create volume for non living things in the motion poster rather humans being glorified. He made us aware about the idea and I was quite sure that this will create an impact. Soon Pritesh came up with a finished product and everyone was just shocked that what a marvelous work is done."

This is well known fact Mohan Lal is youth favorite actor and whatever he do his loyal fan base have trust in him. The movie was when live it went viral instantly and everyone was just stunned with the fantastic cinematography. The eye detailing in the each frame of the movie is so good that it will amaze you. Everything is just in place and synchronized with a compelling output which will make your jaw drop for the moment.

Well, enough is said about the movies and what you need to do is just watch the movie and tell us your feedback to us.

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