Forum Thread: How to Make a Realistic Zombie Mask

This videos will show you from beginning to end, how to make a realistic zombie mask. The tutorial will have two parts, two videos. Part 1 is a makeup tutorial with Smooth-On silicone rubber and other sfx tools.

The first tutorial will show the special effects work in 6 main steps. The description of tutorial will list every information about the used materials, and where you can buy them yourself:

The second part of zombie mask tutorial show you how to turn your zombie footage into a brutal spectacle scene with the After Effects and Element 3D. In the video you will see how to track head movements, cut out green coloured parts from the video and replace with anything you want. You can find more description at webpage of this part:

Part 1 - Zombie Makeup Tutorial Using Silicone Rubber:

Part 2 - After Effects and Element 3D Tutorial:

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