How To: Add Motion to Timelapse Videos with Panolapse

Add Motion to Timelapse Videos with Panolapse

Panolapse is a simple and easy way to add rotational panning motion to timelapse videos.

Panolapse software performs realistic pans on timelapse video

Motion in Timelapses: Hardware and Software

Camera movement in timelapse sequences can add a lot more dynamism and visual creative appeal to a shot. It is generally achieved through hardware or video-editing software, but there is also a new technique with Panolapse.

Hardware methods include using motorized dollys on tracks to add sliding motion, motorized heads to add rotating motion,or both. These systems can be heavy and restrictive.

The software method involves using video-editing software (such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Vegas, etc) to digitally crop into a scene and move the viewing window around. You'll find that the results can sometimes look "flat" and unnatural because simply sliding a cropped view around doesn't account for perspective changes. The angles aren't real.

Enter Panolapse: Create Realistic Motion in Timelapses

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Panolapse ( is a new software program that does a smarter camera pan. The concept is similar to 360 degree panorama viewers, in which a wide-angle image is transformed into a narrower field of view allowing the user to "look around the scene." The software uses perspective correction to do a real-world accurate rotation. Panolapse also allows zooming during the pan.

Panolapse itself can add convincing motion to timelapse footage, but it can also be combined with the other techniques mentioned above.

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