HowTo: Build Your Own DIY SuperMacro Lens

Build Your Own DIY SuperMacro Lens

Lozzless demonstrates how to make a diy cheap macro lens with working aperture for his Canon 5D Mark II, coined the "SuperMacro".

According to Hack a Day,

"The process involves fashioning a connector ring from a lens cap, modifying an Electro-focus lens mount, and assembling the parts to do his bidding.."

(Personally, I don't have the know-how to break it down, but I love the thorough dedication of the tutorial and the test shots in videos 2 & 3 in the gallery below).

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suuuper awesome.. .excellent.. I knew this all already.. but keeping "aperture" in control was my real question.... really great tutorial..

.... 2nd thing i found is... if a lens has lost its auto-focus is highly recommended..

in the 2nd video.. cigarette and match stick was excellent.. but repetition of eye ball made me annoying.. can you please just show eye for once or two only..

otherwise..great idea of matchstick and cigarette. macro shot


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