News: Arri Alexa - World Cup Short

Arri Alexa - World Cup Short

Lots of smoke and soccer balls.

I think this silly short is saved only by the fantastic sound design (not the music)

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Wow. This looks so great. Any making of videos anywhere? Tech specs, etc? I love how it handles the mix color temp stuff.

I love the internet! Just got a message from Jennie Shope @ Stargate Studios ( linking to the Behind the Scenes video. Check it out here:
Click here for more info and behind the scenes photos:

Honestly this looks a lot like well-shot 7D footage. Probably had more flexibility in grading, but it's hard to say where exactly they spent that extra latitude (why does the stadium look so washed out?). Also check out the giant recorder rig strapped on to the Steadicam op. Aaton's Penelope-delta looks more elegant. Curious to see some footage from that.

I think it looks really great. 7D could not hold those darks and would not be as filmic in the motion. This footage is absurdly clean for such low light. I touched one very briefly last week and I'm a believer.

On another note, viva Argentina! Glad they went with those jerseys.

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