News: DSLR to Film Comparison

DSLR to Film Comparison

So watching this I think what is so interesting is not what film does better, but what the differences are between the DSLRs.  Give me Kodak indoors and Fuji outdoors any day, but the 5D really does shine, it becomes hard to see why you should shell out for a RED, or most Sony products especially for a anything without guaranteed theatrical release.   Documentary I believe remains a whole different question and workflow is still a headache but when the name of the game is make this beautiful for only a couple hundred dollars, Canon has changed the game.


PS I should add the caveat, motion is still a mess that is not addressed in these tests and I would love to see a test of the motion on the DSLRs, specifically hand held, car passes, fight scenes vs. other digital like Sony's EX3, RED one, Panasonic HPX etc.  

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