News: Visual Thought Study by Sam Spreckley

Visual Thought Study by Sam Spreckley

Beautiful Eerie Cinematography and Fantastic Editing.

This film by Sam Spreckley an artist out of Scotland.  His experimental film shown above is quite abstract yet moving none the less.

The imagery looks to have been acquired with various sources which adds to the textural quality of it, something I find fantastic in and of itself.  As a cinematographer myself I learn the most when I am just sitting with myself experimenting with the tools at hand.  Pushing things to their limits helps you define the edges of where things can go.

The editing is violent yet surrounds you with this inviting car wreck imagery that makes me want more and more and more.  I hope you shooters out there enjoy this as much as I did.

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Hi Sam really liked your visual experiments the music was superb, loved the cw and the wee robin

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