News: What's not to like about this? Red MX Sensor

What's not to like about this? Red MX Sensor

Very important UK esquire cover shoot done with the Red One with a MX Sensor.

Yeah, and the dancing aint bad either.

Greg Williams, rock on.

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Despite the beauty of both the model and the location, I think there is actually quite a bit not to like about this. I should start by saying, the casting, costume, location and production design are all excellent, so it would be ridiculous to say this video isn't good looking. But having said that, what is lacking is any elements I would consider excellent cinematography. Frankly this has the all the tell tale signs of a photographer with little lighting experience who is used to fixing it in photoshop with very high resolution files. Now I have seen the still work of Greg Williams. some of which is just excellent, but this really points to where motion photography and still photography differ when it comes to shooting with natural light. Frankly the best looking piece of this frame was usually the couch behind the model, and when I freezed any frame (and her hips) it is where my eye naturally went. Also the clear and unfortunate jumps in color and exposure between outfits also spoke to an inability to understand the need of a cinematographer to control light not just within a shot but within a sequence.

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