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Forum Thread: Primal Grow Pro Reviews

Primal Grow Pro Reviews How an unusual Male Enhancement product works and what's is that the score into it according towards the reviewer and / or person have gotten bought and used it might be be obtained by these reviews. He/she might list, Primal Grow Pro and obtain some detail, on why they found item or service to be good, or not so reasonable. Surely, we'd like more Male Enhancement testimonials because this in no way just ones that say it's really a pleasant product, works well or is ba...

Forum Thread: How to Get Smooth Video Without Special Equipment or Editing | Camera Stabilization Techniques

The difference between an amateur-ish, shaky video and a more polished, smooth recording could be just a few, simple techniques. Whether you are making videos for family memories, for a dedicated YouTube channel, or even for putting together a film, having smooth footage is one of the foundational requirements that gives your content a quality feel. While many stabilization strategies require editing software or even specialized, expensive pieces of equipment, you can dramatically improve the...

Forum Thread: Who is your favorite DP?

I think mine would have to be Conrad Hall.  I worked on several projects with him while at USC and not only was he a talented dude, he was a really nice guy as well.  I think his style of shooting has had the most influence on DP today.  Certainly with these new digital cameras with massive latitude, there is room to really experiment and try new things.

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