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News: Create a video for legendary rock band Senser, and win Magic Bullet Looks!

Legendary rap-rock-electronica crossover pioneers Senser celebrate the release of their slamming new single, “2, 3, Clear” with a video competition open to all budding video creators! The winning entry will receive great exposure on many top music websites and TV, and the winner will receive a copy of the awesome Magic Bullet Looks plug-in set worth $400, plus some sexy Senser merchandise.

Dichromatic Disaster: Teal and Orange Everywhere

I'm really glad someone finally wrote this article. Todd Miro @ Into The Abyss details the teal and orange look that's pervading mainstream and independent films. In essence, because orange is the color that is the closest to skin tone, DI colorists are forcing its complementary color - teal - into the image. It's a simple trick that, when used subtly, can create color contrast and really pop an image. Unfortunately, more often than not, actors look like Snooki's cousin and trees and shadows ...

News: Lacking Inspiration? Get a Light Boner

A friend of mine sent this site to me a year ago. And if it were updated more often, it'd be my home page. Designer/Developer Jarred Bishop curates this jaw-dropping collection of epic-light photos. Seriously, a lot of these photos look like stills from the most visually important films you've never seen. Here's a smattering: Light Boner

News: The Role of a Gaffer

Both on and off the set, the Gaffer or Chief Lighting Technician is one of the most important positions around. Though the average movie goer most likely has no idea the job even exists, they probably don't know what 99% of the other crew is/does either.  

News: Roger Ebert Hates 3D

I'm particularly interested in his point about 3D being darker. I saw Avatar in 3D with 2 different projection systems: RealD 3D and 3D at the Arclight Dome. Both times, throughout the film, I snuck a peak over my glasses and saw the colors and exposure at the saturation and brightness I thought the DP (haha) intended. It looked beautiful. The colors were more saturated and I could see important story information in the shadows. When you're losing over a stop of light transmission through tho...

Rodarte - Spring '11 (DP: Matthew Lloyd)

Todd Cole directed this beautifully shot (DP Matthew Lloyd) and art directed preview of the Rodarte Spring '11 line. The visual execution of this ostensibly simple concept is flawless; there are no extraneous colors whatsoever. Clarity of vision and preproduction certainly paid off.

The King's Speech (DP: Danny Cohen)

New trailer for "The King's Speech", directed by Tom Hooper (John Adams,The Damned United) and shot by Danny Cohen (John Adams,Pirate Radio). Really interesting use of framing (shortsided and headroom) and lenses. Among other things, it's refreshing to see the filmmakers choose to shoot a CU with a 24mm that's a foot below the eyeline instead of the conventional 180mm CU that feels like you're in another county.

How To: Get Muscles for the Movie Thor

This is a video interview how the movie star C. Hemsworth was able to gain a dramatic muscle gain for the movie Thor. just in case you did not see the movie, the actor speaks about his character in the movie and how muscular he needed to be so he can play his role in the movie.

How To: The William F. Whites Toolbelt!

For all of you DIY filmmakers out there, our friends at William F. Whites interactive have recently launched this SUPER handy tool is guide to all their gear that includes diagrams and specs to make your lives easier. In this How To video, Bruce Dale of Whites shows you what it is and how to use it:

News: 'Nirvana' Short Film

Charles Bukowski's Nirvana revolves around a young man traveling to an undetermined destination, questioning his purpose in the world. Along the young man's aimless journey, he encounters a moment in time at a charming diner. In just that moment something is awakened inside of him, but even with a sense of purpose, sadness follows. "Nirvana" is a melancholy postcard from memories long past.

News: Can bad lawyer commercials turn out any good?

More than often, lawyer commercials tend to be the butt of many jokes. Fact is many lawyer commercials are just plain awful. Is it because the style is heavily commercialized? Is it because the end product is what the client wants? Or is it a combination of two factors-- the client does not know what s/he wants and the producer is afraid to explore possibilities outside of the "parameters" (for fear of being sued)? What if someone had balls to explore the possibilities?

News: Oscar Cinematography compilations

There was a fantastic compilation of best film moments shown at the Oscars in the late 1980's or so. I had thought it was an ASC or ISC production. As I recall it was set to music and both opened and closed with short segments from Citizen Kane, then proceeded to several hundred other short items more or less grouped by topic (falls, laughter, kisses, etc). It had a title something like Precious Moments or Precious Images or something like that about 5-6 minutes long and really excellent. If ...

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