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Forum Thread: How to Build a Photography Studio: 6 Steps

Hey, how is your time going? Are you a professional photographer? Then you have a good news. Today I will discuss how to build a photography studio in your home within a limited budget. Sounds quite interesting, huh! Now we will make our dream true. We will build a photography studio at home within a limited budget. Photography studios can be helpful for photo editing. It can make their work a bit easy now. So, the people who need image editing service are linked up with a digital photo studi...

Forum Thread: Who is your favorite DP?

I think mine would have to be Conrad Hall.  I worked on several projects with him while at USC and not only was he a talented dude, he was a really nice guy as well.  I think his style of shooting has had the most influence on DP today.  Certainly with these new digital cameras with massive latitude, there is room to really experiment and try new things.

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