News: Outsight Creamsource Professional LED Light

Outsight Creamsource Professional LED Light

At 10 Feet about 525 Foot Candles Spread over 6 Foot Range - Spot.

216 Diffusion, get 10 foot spread and 80 foot candles.

Great light, low power, efficient light with full dimmers and DMX connections.

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I didn't realize there are potential rolling shutter issues with LEDs... seems funny since an electronic ballast HMI solves that problem, wouldn't an electronically-controlled LED also be safe?

You're right Buck, The Creamsource uses flicker free electronics and unless you're using it as a flash, strobe or lightning unit, will operate in a flicker free manor. Unfortunately most strobes don't have a sync input, so the rolling shutter artifact or "flash banding" can occur. Running sync signals into the Creamsource allows flashes, strobes and lightning effects that start and stop outside of the shutter open period, meaning no "broken" frames and no flash- banding, only full lit or full dark frames.

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