News: Zeiss Compact Prime Lens + Zacuto DSLR Baseplate

Zeiss Compact Prime Lens + Zacuto DSLR Baseplate

Zeiss recently debuted their Compact Prime Lens set at NAB.  The best part: no mount modifications or adapters necessary!  Zacuto has done one better with their new DSLR Baseplate system.  Previous rigs had unwanted play when using the follow focus.  "Zacuto's new DSLR Baseplate System, debuting at the NAB show in Vegas, mounts to the camera and lens using the standard 1/4 20" screw and ¼ 20 lens support, which gives you two mounting points for rock solid support to the camera & attached prime lens, while still remaining quick releasable."  Long story short: the double support guarantees smooth racks while still being able to easily unmount and change lenses.

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terrible picture quality.. does anyone know if the Zacuto baseplate has an additional 1/4 20" screw on the bottom of the plate to mount on a tripod if needed?

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