Hammock - Breathturn (DP: Larkin Seiple)

Larkin Seiple)

I hesitate to even post screengrabs from this piece.  The storytelling by this creative team (dir. David Altobelli & DP Larkin Seiple) is so perfect that taking stills out of context doesn't do it justice.  At first, I was disappointed that the automatic thumbnail Vimeo chose was so nondescript but ultimately it's for the best.  Here's just a tease:

Hammock - Breathturn (DP: Larkin Seiple)

Check out the video here:

Larkin Seiple - Director of Photography

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Larko! I'm sitting next to him right now and he just shared some of his secrets. They are awesome.

Absolutely gorgeous! Great storytelling and I love the whole Caravaggio feel in the scene with the injured bird. Great post Sean.

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